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Forums Rules! Must Read!
« on: November 13, 2011, 01:25:07 am »
Look below for the current rules of these forums.

- Advertising will NOT be tolerated- (This one says it out clear and simple, if you post a link to a video or something, that is ok, but for another rsps, definitely not tolerated).

- NO spamming unless it is on a thread under the spam category (not serious right off the bat, but if it becomes a repeating problem it will be). Warning then 2 day ban.

- No trolling, except for karma (trolling can start to be quite irritating, and can also be considered as a form of spam, remember, karma is special) Warning then 2 day ban.

- No abusive language (While most of you sit there thinking, what is abusive language going to do? You may not realize it at first, but it could actually affect someone, whether you like it or not). Warning then 10 hour ban.

- NO impersonating staff- (This is one of the more serious rules, If you look at my signature that says, administrator. If you post somethign like that in your signature, remember that is considered impersonating staff).

- NO Innapropriate pictures, videos, or website links. (This includes the more obvious thought, ****, and also medical pictures, the lesser thought. The last one was a problem on a server most of you recently played on).

- NO trolling moderator or admin apps. (These are not necessary. They are not serious, but like the others, can become serious. Apps are for people who actually want it). Warning then 10 hour ban.

- NO gravedigging (No posting in old topics older than 2 weeks please). Warning then 10 hour ban.

NO Flaming. (If you start a flame war, you will be given a serious warning. If you start another one, you will be banned). Serious warning then perm ip banned.

These are the current rules of the forums. If you do not like them, and choose not to follow them, you will be banned. Simple as that. Administrators feel free to edit the post and add things if you feel it is necessary to have more. I have developed a "3 strikes and you're out" system for the more serious rule breaking. If you break one of the rules above in red 3 times, you will be banned. This rule does not apply to flaming though, if you start a flame war, like it says, one serious warning. If you start a second flame war, you will be permanantly banned. Most of these rules will result in a warn if broken, and if then still not followed, several temporary bans, followed by a permanent ban if it becomes serious enough. Rules are not hard to follow, and they prevent chaos. Well, follow these rules and you should have an enjoyable experience on Merchscape!

Red- '3 strikes and your out!'.
Blue- Warnings/ Tempory bans.
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^^^Current Rules of the forums

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