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Legit: You could dig a big area inside a mountain or something or build a house. Confusing? Ok so find some trees and get all there wood. If you can reach some of it and you have Single Player Commands just open up that chat box and say "reach 50". 50 is a good reach for Minecraft. In survival I do 10. Ok so get all the wood. I suggest getting 3 full stacks ok wood planks. So craft the wood into planks and do this until you get full stacks of planks. then find an open area or make an open area. Make your house.

House: I suggest your starting house should be maybe 10x10 and 4 blocks high. so finish your house and then you might want to get some more wood.

Ok another thing is Mining. Mining is important. with the wood you have, or if you obtained more, create some tools. Create 1 hatchet, 1 swordm and 1 pickaxe. Also make sure what the diffuculty is Easy-Normal-Hard. I sugget Easy if it's your first time. Normal is fun. Hard is awesome if you're doing Non-legit especially on one of my worlds. Ok so you will also need a chest. Store everything but a hatchet and sword in the chest. Also you will need about 20 ladders. So craft 20 ladders with planks. Wood/Planks are very important in survival for crafting. Did about 20 blocks deep from somewhere in your house. Put ladders in it so you can climb back up. So you can go down there and mine for iron, coal, etc. If you wanna go deaper go ahead. Then you can find diamonds, redstone and more. But beware of lava. So mine and once you head back up make sure you got about 20 cobblestone. Make some tools. Your house at night may be dark so Monsters can spawn in there. So beware of that. Mine some coal if you can find some. then use sticks and coal to create torches. Light up your house. It will be 100 times safer. Then your on your own for the rest.

Non-Legit: easiest thing ever. If you have World Edit, SPC, TooManyItems then use TMI to get anything you want. WE do make stuff and SPC to change reach, speed settings etc. It's so simple. You can get 1000 diamonds with TMI easy lol or any other item.

Hope these help. Need help on survival? PM me or post below.


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