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Author Topic: Rangeangel's Moderator Application!!!  (Read 1716 times)

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Re: Rangeangel's Moderator Application!!!
« Reply #40 on: November 18, 2011, 03:36:01 am »
Oh sorry lol here it goes:

1. Ask for proof, and if the person did get scammed I will tell the admin or ban the player for a while.

No, we do not support rsgp trades whatsoever

2. Nothing

That is not bad, but not great, it is not always easy to get a staff position though.

3. I will either ask them to stop and let the admin. Know.

It is not necessary to bother an admin with this. Simply turn the other cheek.

4.  I will ask for proof and tell an admin.

A moderator needs to take situations into their own hands. You simply take both players to one place, and work out the trade. If you see it as a scam, have the player that scammed return the items, it not, let them both go.

5. Ban the dupers and let the admin. Know.

This is perfect, duping is definately not allowed. Afterwards you need to consult an admin so they can track down any items that have been duped, and take them away.

Tell me how I did, thx, rangeangel

You did alright, I wouldn't classify it as great though.

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