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I guess most of you just want a private server to play, like Orange's but seeing as it has been down for ages I assume there is a problem, So being the generous person I am I'm making an offer to full set it up
and maybe even teach you how to do things but there is a catch, you need a paypal or some form of method of payment because you will need a VPS to have it online 24/7 (mine costs $4.95 a month) windows 7, and that's it! or you could host it on your computer, the downside is that leaving your laptop  on for days at a time a bad idea your choice, my generous offer for free except for vps cost.

Also Lmfao;

All I need is a bloody computer! Also I can't afford vps, if I had a computer, I would set one up using your/Helena guide....

Oh well I guess you can play mine lol.

Lost the links you sent me :/ pm me please


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