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Re: Facts
« on: July 07, 2012, 11:58:17 am »
These are explainable

1.Elemental shields are made out of energy
2.The water in the lobsters evaporate when cooked.
3.It's sap not syrup you ****, you can get sap from alot of trees.
4.Are you sure about that? Last time I checked items are picked by value.
5.All food items take the same amount of time to eat.
6.No you have to be twice your level +1.
7.Great observation m8.
8.Depends on your Internet connection and how long the packet takes to get sent to the server and the data to be retrieved again.
9. Refer to 8.
10.Okay I didn't know that.
11.I'd say the items were copied and thus keeping some of the same options.
12.I thought it depended on which way you were facing when lighting the fire.
13.Well okay? How is that even slightly amusing.
15.I thought it was red or something I mean a mace is the same colour the whole way through the weapon.