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« Reply #40 on: December 16, 2011, 06:35:19 am »
Jesus, why are you mad at me? All I'm saying is that owners are admins, I'm not saying that admins are owners.

We don't need any more admins. There are about twenty accounts on this forum, about six or seven of which are active; for a server forum with >=20 people, you really only need one owner and a mod or two, not two owners, an admin, two head mods, and three mods.
Correct. Now we are on the same page. If we get all this successfully going, advertise, etc.. Then more people will join, more applications, etc. Then maybe another admin, or another moderator will be useful. But for now we are only a forum hoping to grow soon. And as my grandmother always says "Jesus has nothing to do with it". Even if I do not believe in religion and all of that bulls***, I agree with that line.