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k/kk= Ok
idk= I don't know
****= Scottish meatball
wtf= What the f**k
wuv= Love
u= You
omfg= Oh my f**king god/goodness
omg= Oh my god/goodness
lol= Laugh out loud/ lots of love
ftw= For the win
fml= F**k my life
lmao= Laugh my ass off
rofl= Roll on floor laughing
pk= Player kill
troll= Dialgaz =P

Some items:
maul= Granite maul
gs= Godsword
claws= Dragon claws
d pl8= Dragon platebody/legs
bcp= Bandos chestplate

100% typed using the wii =P Tell me if you have any more =)

P:S. I'll add more later when I get time.

Vault-tec Frog:
U need yff - YOU FUC***G FROG

I'll add when I get time lol.

Vault-tec Frog:
IIA(Put sommit here)
I IZ A (Put sommit here... from my case a frog)
example - I IZA FROG

Ok in a bit.


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