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Suggestions / a few more requirements for staff applications?
« on: January 28, 2012, 07:55:56 pm »
Erm, i was looking over the mod application requirements and i think you should of least been a member of Merchscape 2 weeks before applying.. Oh and I think they should have no more than 1 blackmark..

and for admin i think they should have at least 100 posts and have been a member for more than a month..
What do you think?

Suggestions / We need help.
« on: January 27, 2012, 11:25:15 pm »
We've been a starting community for a few months and our webclient is still not here. Our owner can't get on a pc.
We need help.
YipYapZap is a co-owner, therefore I say you should just let him try and get us a working RSPS.
I know a bit about starting one, but I'd be better at advertising than that. Why? Because I'm not too sure about item coding.. I could do small coding.. But not hard ones.
Next, our login times are getting smaller and smaller. Less posts, less conversations.. Some of us barely log in. We need to get things started.. No more sitting around.. So what I'm saying is.
Orange, let someone get this up. Let someone code and get us started.. Because if you can't even get on a pc .. how are we going to do this?

I set my admin application up for a reason, I want to help us get started. I want to be more than just a moderator. Yes, I enjoy being a moderator.. but the rest of us are staff too.

I say..
Yipyapzap should get the client running and if he can code, lovely.
Moderators (like me) should be advertising once the client is up.
Moderators should also be SUGGESTING Merchscape to other people.
Orange should be cleaning our forums by deleting anything that makes it untidy.
Forum Technicians.. Well, do whatever you do.

Plan: Get Yipyapzap active. Ask him to help us out with the client and coding.
After that, mods.. advertise..
Frog go spam facebook or something.
I could make youtube videos.
Ak7swagger, go to "" and advertise in the chatbox. That website is meant for it, so you will attract people.
Youtube videos will only attract players if you add content also.. so photos of in-game.
and while videos start coming up, and more people join Merchscape..
orange, keep cleaning these forums because it will start getting a big crowded.
and lastly. enjoy  ::epic::

This is my suggestion for a plan, whether you guys take it into consideration or not is your choice.

Pictures and Videos / The best 10 hours of your life [VIDEO]
« on: January 26, 2012, 10:50:50 pm »

Warning.. 10 hours long.. full of orangey ness. ::orange::

Download these:
& Go to and create an account.
Install hamachi.
Make sure you have WINRAR. Extract your source to your desktop. then you will see a folder on your desktop. thats a good thing.
Go to hamachi and click Network.. or create a network. Type in your network ID.. Which would be merchscape or something.. then a password. ..Good.. click on that and at the top of hamachi you will see your network ip and all that exciting stuff.
Go to and sign in to your account, click 'create a client.' ..Type in your network ip that hamachi tells you.. and all that other stuff. For 'client list' .. it will be ErasedPKz..

I can't really explain about running it..
but keep the links it gives you on the website once you create it..
in the folder on your desktop click around and double click 'run'.. it took me a few seconds to find mine...
then copy/paste the first link on the website into a tab and it should start loading..
but when you first join.. teleport home.. you only need to do that once just to get things started..

I know this isnt great.. and im pretty sure people playing need to have hamachi too in order to play your server (i may be wrong) i didnt read that part.. it didnt say that but you never know..
I'll try and find something better so that it is easier to go to.. but in the mean time, you could try this and play it until you can get something better up :S..

Im not sure about item coding and promotions.. you'll probably know immediately since you will be the creator of it.

Technical Issues / Bypassing administrator password on Windows 7?
« on: January 26, 2012, 05:45:27 am »
This is going to sound extremely stupid but..
When I was upgrading my computer I changed the password.. I ended up forgetting it and ive been locked out of admin for a month now.. I'm using a different account that does not have any privileges the admin does.. and now i need them.. Anyone know how to bypass it or anything i can do to get the account back?

I've tried CMD net user administrator *
but the following comes up: System 5 error has occurred.. access is denied.

« on: January 24, 2012, 04:45:36 pm »
Click that cute "like" button by my name..
whoever clicks like the most at the end of the week gets something really special >:O!! dun dun dun mystery prize!  ::epic::

lol JK

Spam / report
« on: January 22, 2012, 08:00:08 pm »
Name of rule-breaker: "Orange"
Rule he has broken: Being too Sexy
Date & Time : 22 January & 12.22pm (GMT - London)
Proof : Image & Video of Incident
Witness: Ethan, Visstick Pro, Yipyapzap, Helena, Lucipher, Frog
In-Game Name: orange


Spam / Whats in my wallet :O
« on: January 14, 2012, 09:34:28 pm »
okay.. this is everything i found in my wallet.. the reason why the movie tickets are so cheap is because i get VIP passes for free.

No Fear - Mall 30.00$
Walgreens - 10.77
Taco Bell - 6.59
Harkins Movie Theatre - 7.00
Taco Bell - 3.50
Spencers - Mall - 4.73
Harkins Movie Threatre - 6.00 VIP
Harkins Movie Theatre - 6.00 VIP
Cracker Barrel - 1.62
Taco Bell - 1.09
Hot Topic - Mall = 20.78
Taco Bell - 1.92
Taco Bell - 5.44
Hot Topic - Mall = 26.27
Taco Bell = 1.09
Combos = FREE :o
Harkins = 7 VIP
Hijuki MALL - 13.12
Home Goods =4.35
Frys = 1.09
Taco Bell = 1.09
Tacobell = 2.18
Taco bell = 2.52
Circle K = 1.27
Taco bell = 1.09
Frys = 1.08
Harkins = 7.00 VIP
Hot Topic = 2.17
Hudson AIRPORT Omaha = 16.04
Walgreens = 1.01
Taco bell - 1.09
Taco Bell - 6.50
Taco bell - 3.27
Harkins Theatre - 7.00 VIP

as you can see, i waste my money alot.

Debates / D.R.U.G.S.?
« on: January 11, 2012, 04:07:08 pm »

Pictures and Videos / Insulting Master Jrh1 on Runescape - Photos
« on: January 09, 2012, 09:12:34 pm »

This is completely pointless and retarded but since majority wants to twist his **** into a knot well, here we goo.  ::cat:: ::epic::


Runescape Guides / 99 Hunting Guide
« on: January 09, 2012, 01:52:16 pm »
So on RS I decided to do..... hunting! Yay.. I have two guides.. one is for the quickest 99.. and one is for the most money making ^-^ Google the location for these.

SPEED (and no, not the drug)
1-9 .. Crimson swifts!
9-15 copper long tails
15-20: Ruby Harvest (these are right by copper long tails, and it takes a minute to find a good spot to catch)
20-29: tropical wing tails
29-47:Green Lizard (When your level 40.. start using 3 traps!)
47-59 orange salamanders (3 rope, 3 small fishing nets, bring desert robes, and desert boots. also bring a knife in your toolbelt, and 4 FULL waterskins.. There are cactus' very close nearby for you to refill. Always keep spares in the bank! I sometimes lost a rope from not paying attention. Always go for the fallen traps before the caught salamanders!)
 59-63 red salamanders (Don't forget to bring an extra rope/small fishing net.. at 60 you can use 4 traps)
You have a choice at 63, keep doing these until 70, or regular chinchompas until 70. For fastest MONEY do Red chinchompas at 63.)

Red salamanders 59-70
Regular chinchompas 63-70
Red chinchompas 63-99
Red Chinchompas 70-99.

This is a very fast 99..
If you do red chinchompas don't forget larupia top,bottom, and head. You don't have to bank chinchompas..

General / Why do I always fawk up?
« on: January 04, 2012, 03:43:41 pm »
I made my POH (Player Owned Home) nice, refurnished the important stuff, made sure the portals were sensable to use.. and then I hosted. I got a suggestion to make a G-alter, so I did.. I spent 2m buying the supplies and finishing "The Eyes Of Glourphie" and one round of Stealing Creation for my Crystal Saw, and Sacred Clay Hammer...
Then.. I was ready.. I went into building mode, threw out my old alters and incense burners and made it! Oh woah was i excited?!

I went to w/31 and hosted "G-alter/portals/glory @ xhelena"...
Someone said, .. "I thought you made a g-alter, helena?"
And I thought to myself "i did.." So i went in.. to find out I ACCIDENTALLY MADE A MOTHER **** MARBLE **** ALTAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I check my bag, yep.. 4 gold leaves just MOTHER **** SITTING THERE!

Excuse my language, but now I'm poor ass lol.

Runescape Guides / How to **** people off in the Falador Party Room
« on: January 02, 2012, 11:59:43 pm »
Bring 30k, buy afros, put them in, buy more, put them in.. repeat.
I did this for a very long time. :P everyone left then a famous runescaper/youtuber dropped 100m for us :3

General / What Combat Level are YOU on Runescape?
« on: January 02, 2012, 06:23:34 pm »
 ::redphat:: 128 :O

Runescape Guides / How to get a chefs hat! For NUBS!!
« on: January 02, 2012, 06:19:44 pm »
Kill a goblin, scam someone, or sell something and obtain 2 GP. Now, go to a different tab and enter this link so you know where the location to buy an amazing Chef's Hat at..
This is right by Lumbridge/Draynor Village. :P So use Home Teleport..
Now go to the location and buy from 'Beefy Bill'..
He sells Chef Hats for 2 coins each
Your welcome<333

Forum Guides / How to make a forums account OMG!
« on: January 02, 2012, 06:11:04 pm »
So, lets say your completely confused and don't know how to sign up even though it's completely obvious how.. .-.
Well you came to the right place, sweet stuff. 

Alright step one, .. go to

Step two, under the 'Merchscape logo' there is a bunch of buttons.. find the 'register' button..

Step 3, click 'I agree to the terms of agreement' but make sure you will follow 'No spamming No flaming No impersonation staff For more rules check out the announcements'

Step 4, Type in the username you want, enter your email address.. example: ''
or '' ..If you want users to be able to email you, check the button, or uncheck..Then enter your password.. Click register :3

You will see this if you did it correctly.
Registration Successful

Thank you for registering. You will receive an email soon with a link to activate your account. If you don't receive an email after some time, check your spam folder.

Now go to your email and activate your account!
Now sign into Merchscape Forums and have fun! Make sure to follow the rules.

Forums Rules Located Here:

General Discussion / More problems....
« on: December 24, 2011, 09:21:45 pm »
So, I haven't been online recently.. Please respect me but something has happened and I really didn't expect it to.. Many apologizes.. But.. I'd rather not share why..
My computer has gotten trashed so my trolling is most likely at it's end. I think it's time I start to grow up and move on from trolling either-way. I will still go online when possible on the holidays.

However two things; completely personal are affecting me currently..
:s.. sorry..

General Discussion / How to make a fake webcam!
« on: December 20, 2011, 06:28:39 am »
Step one:
Go to this link and download the program. Make sure it's on your desktop.
Click on the 'Download Manycam, it's FREE' button. Download it, lalala.
Alright! Once you've got it..

Step two: Open it up, Under 'effects' tab, click on Text Over Video, and uncheck the 'Show logo'
Now, look for a .gif or photo you want to use. For photos, simply use photobucket or google.
Some of my favorite gifs are here:
Save the image to your photos.

Step three:
Click the tab 'sources' on the ManyCam program. Click 'Open new file' and click on the .gif or photo.
For fake webcams you can google 'Fake webcam gif' and view it to see if you could use it on loop.
I usually use .gif's of girls typing and looking/reading the screen.

Step Four:
Go to,, or any other website and make sure ManyCam is open.
Now, if the fake webcam isn't showing up on your part of the webcam screen thing, fiddle with the settings and make sure you select Manycam. then it should show up.

Great, now the person(s) you are chatting with think your a hot naked teen girl.. or a black guy eating cereal! :D

Pictures and Videos / I make fake webcams for fun.
« on: December 19, 2011, 06:13:48 am »
At the very bottom of the photos you'll have to use the scroll bar thing to see the rest of the pages like the cams.. sorry i didnt know they were that big

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