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Accepted / Re: Yipyapzap's Co-Owner application
« on: December 06, 2011, 11:16:24 pm »
yipyap ur gonna get demoted for 1 u scam and xlog on yanille u dont have the right athority to be co owner on this forum...

Shoutouts / Re: Dear yipyapzap
« on: December 05, 2011, 09:42:55 pm »

Denied / Co-Owner Application- Call Me Rich
« on: December 05, 2011, 09:16:35 pm »
Reasons I would be an applicable Co-Owner: To start off, co-owner means sharing the control and command with Orange, and that you constantly have to be online, and in charge. You must always be helping with the server, and a strength to it, and not a weak link whatsoever. I have constructed most of these new forums, and helped a massive ammount on the other forums, so I think I would make an acceptable Co-Owner. If I become a Co-Owner I will continue doing what I have done as an administrator to help the server grow and prosper. I am on every day of the week for at least several hours, so most of the time you would be able to contact me in the afternoon. I feel that working as Orange's Co, and not quite having to wait for his go, would give me the freedom and ability to use my "GT" mind and think of creative things and ways to help the server. I will always be on making adaptions and helping with problems that you might have, mostly in the afternoon.

Online hours: Almost everyday I am on the forums from 4:30-7:00 on the weekdays, and on the weekends, a variation depending on my schedule which constantly changes. It is more likely that I will be on more on the weekends. When the client comes out I will more than likely have the same time on, but I will be beetween In-game and the forums helping with any problems that I can.

Power abuse: I will for sure not abuse the powers of Co-Owner. The only diffference beetween Co-Owner and Administrator, is that a Co-Owner has more of a freedom to give himself a go ahead. As I said my "GT" brain would help with adapting the server. Administrator has the same power, so If I wanted to abuse or crash the server, I already would have done so.

Ways I have helped: I have helped massivly, anywhere from simply giving someone a requested name change, to creating and updating these new forums. I have Made the forum rules, Helped with the IN-game price guide for the soon to be client, and Made the moderator application format, which Orange added to a bit. I have came up with ways to make this server much better, and tried all I can so far, to make an easy succesful forums for you all to use, and I hope you like it.

Ways I can be contacted: You can contact me at my email, , here on the forums, on the other merchscape forums, or on yanille forums. Remember, If you contact me for help or some other reason, I may have bad internet connection, or be away from my computer, so I will not always be able to help right then.

Reffered players: I have reffered multiple players along with Orange to this website in the beginning, but I sadly do not remember who they are. We need to contact every player though and tell them about the new forums, to gother up our player count, which I will begin to do very soon.

Conclusion: I believe I would make an applicable Co-Owner, and that it would help Merchscape grow even more. I am sorry to Kolson who is the current Co-Owner, but i felt like this needed to be done. Kolson is sadly quite inactive and I would love to help the server grow. Thanks to all of you who took the time to read this. Yipyapzap

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