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99 Hunting Guide
« on: January 09, 2012, 01:52:16 pm »
So on RS I decided to do..... hunting! Yay.. I have two guides.. one is for the quickest 99.. and one is for the most money making ^-^ Google the location for these.

SPEED (and no, not the drug)
1-9 .. Crimson swifts!
9-15 copper long tails
15-20: Ruby Harvest (these are right by copper long tails, and it takes a minute to find a good spot to catch)
20-29: tropical wing tails
29-47:Green Lizard (When your level 40.. start using 3 traps!)
47-59 orange salamanders (3 rope, 3 small fishing nets, bring desert robes, and desert boots. also bring a knife in your toolbelt, and 4 FULL waterskins.. There are cactus' very close nearby for you to refill. Always keep spares in the bank! I sometimes lost a rope from not paying attention. Always go for the fallen traps before the caught salamanders!)
 59-63 red salamanders (Don't forget to bring an extra rope/small fishing net.. at 60 you can use 4 traps)
You have a choice at 63, keep doing these until 70, or regular chinchompas until 70. For fastest MONEY do Red chinchompas at 63.)

Red salamanders 59-70
Regular chinchompas 63-70
Red chinchompas 63-99
Red Chinchompas 70-99.

This is a very fast 99..
If you do red chinchompas don't forget larupia top,bottom, and head. You don't have to bank chinchompas..

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Re: 99 Hunting Guide
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